Saturday, February 9, 2008

Valentine's Day Surprise!

Hey Kids and Parents!

We've got some real exciting news for Valentine's Day. We are going to be providing cool Woogi World Valentine's cards that you can customize with your own Woogi and name, and then print and hand them out to all your friends. Not only will you get as many free Valentine's cards as you want but you will also be inviting your friends to come and hang out with you in Woogi World.

Now that's pretty cool.

The cards will become available this coming Tuesday so don't bother purchasing those store bought cards when you can have the coolest cards in your class - right here from Woogi World! Also those that sign up on Valentines Day will get a special Woogi World surprise.

If you haven't been on Woogi World in awhile you have missed out on some pretty neat stuff like the Woogi Vault and Woogi Wallet - which help you learn how to earn and use all your Watts. We've got dance moves for your Woogi, new movies in the theater, new wigwam items and floors, and the new Woogi Acheivements. There have been more missions added with more coming in the next few weeks. We've got a new bulletin board, picture of the day, new Shark in the Water levels and even a Kids Video contest starting up this next week.

This is not all - stay tuned for more great things being added to Woogi World each week to help kids and their parents learn how to do great things on the Internet. You will also be hearing more about the exciting Woogi Honors program in the coming months.

We love our job here at Woogi World as we work to create the safest, most fun and educational site for 5-12 yr old kids on the Internet.

Thanks for playing!

The Big Wig